The Domodossola FS international railway station is the crossroads for the main southern European railway lines and the starting point for the narrow-gauge Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway, which connects Domodossola to Locarno (Canton Ticino, Switzerland) with a journey full of stunning panoramic views.


Eurocity, Intercity, Inter-Regional and Regional Trenitalia and Trenord trains serve the station of Domodossola and travel the Domodossola-Milan and Domodossola-Novara routes. For information and online ticket sales


The quickest way to reach Domodossola by train from Turin is on a Trenitalia, Trenord or Italo service to Milan. From there change train to get to Domodossola, following the indications already given on this page.


The Swiss National Railways (FFS) and BLS in arrival from Canton Vallese via the Sempione tunnel connect Domodossola to Briga, Geneva, Zurich, Lausanne and Bern.

Using a Swiss Railways (FFS) travel pass your tickets will be valid up to Domodossola.

Go to the dedicated site for information about the shuttle trains with car transport service between Briga (Canton Vallese, Switzerland) and Iselle (Italian border).

A novelty of recent years has been the “Trenino Verde delle Alpi”, a line managed by the BLS Loetschberg company with splendid panoramic views (alternative to the modern spiral line) from Domodossola and Briga, touching on the lovely villages of the Oberland as far as Thun and Bern.

The Canton Ticino is connected to Domodossola by the white and blue panoramic trains of the Vigezzina-Centovalli Railway which leave from Locarno and pass through “Centovalli” and Valle Vigezzo to terminate at Domodossola.