Exploring Vogogna at a slow pace, to step back into history, amongst narrow streets and buildings that will take your breath away. Welcome to one of the most romantic and charming towns in the Val d’Ossola!

Vogogna is the last gateway towards the north and towards Domodossola: a fascinating town, full of history and with a truly unique atmosphere, able to capture the attention of visitors of all ages.

One of “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” (most beautiful villages in Italy), Vogogna is an authentic treasure chest of sights to be discovered during a strictly leisurely visit.

Its name is said to originate from the ancient people who lived here before the Romans, the Agon Gauls: Vogogna, therefore, from Vallis Agonum, village of the Agons.

Surrounded by military fortifications, once a flourishing town along the ancient road to the Simplon Pass, Vogogna still has charming corners and views and an unexpectedly Medieval atmosphere, with streets along which it is fascinating to walk and let yourself be surprised.
Everything here, from the beola tiles of the roofs to the cobbles that still accompany your steps, from the grey of the stone to the green of the mountains, brings back memories of the past, hidden mysteries, like the Fortress that seems to have grown out of the bare rock. The ancient vestiges dating back in history as far as the Celts, now recreate a picture of a town where the Visconteo Castle houses a nationally important multimedia centre.
A tour of the ancient capital of Lower Ossola can begin, just outside the old town centre, from the Oratory of San Pietro, which houses valuable 15th century frescoes. From here the tour continues as far as the very heart of Vogogna to see the defensive tower of the castle and then Palazzo Pretorio.

A narrow street connects the two most important parts of Vogogna, the Cantun Sura, with its houses built one against another, and the Visconteo Castle, reached by a steep path, partly with steps.

Vogogna Castle, built to defend the little town and the whole valley, has been dominated the town since the mid-15th century: perfectly preserved in its powerful magnificence, the castle has no more its original perimeter walls, of which almost no trace remains.

Here in Vogogna there are the offices of the Val Grande National Park, the largest wilderness area in Italy, just a short journey from the pleasant region of the Lakes. Many excursions are available (those inside the National Park should always be accompanied by expert guides) amid fascinating and absolutely wild scenery.
In Vogogna, every alley and every passageway, even if apparently closed and with no exit, leads to an incredible discovery of romantic little squares and unique views.

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