Food & wine and shopping

In Ossola Valley, traditional dishes harmoniously combine natural ingredients with man’s centuries-old work, while handicrafts made of wood, stone, ceramic and fine metals testify to the skill of past artisans.

Ossola Valley is a land of gastronomic and visual surprises, from Domodossola (an authentic outdoor shopping centre famous for its Saturday market and dozens of boutiques and speciality shops) to the valleys, with food consortiums and small shops awarded with the Piedmont region’s Recognition of Artisan Excellence.

The wine and food of the Ossola valleys, from appetizers to desserts, can satisfy the most demanding palates with delicious aromas and flavours: cured meat, cheese, game, ancient bread, polenta, Walser products, wine with Protected Designation of Origin status, beer, incredibly pure water, honey, sweets and wild herbs.

Local crafts range from objects made of turned and sculpted wood in the traditional fashion, handmade shoes based on an ancient design, fine gold jewellery such as the “Fede Ossolana” ring and hand-painted ceramics: a showcase of excellent products that are the result of experience and traditions that have been carefully handed down.

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