Ride in the centuries-old pine forest of the Vigezzo Valley or immerse yourself in the nature protected by the Bosco Tenso WWF Oasis. Enjoy riding a stone’s throw from the city of Domodossola or even at the foot of Monte Rosa.

Horse riding in Ossola Valley really is for everyone, with riding stables and equestrian centres scattered throughout the region, from the lower Ossola up to the valleys. This sport offers a special perspective from which to observe the beautiful views of the Ossola, as well as unforgettable moments in close contact with nature and the wonderful friends that are horses!

There are many bridleways you can take with expert guides from equestrian centres in the Ossola region. Whether you’re an expert horse rider or just curious, there’s a whole host of riding stables and equestrian centres in Ossola Valley organising horse rides and lessons with qualified guides and instructors.

  • Centro Ippico La Prateria – Domodossola, Ossola Valley
  • Centro Ippico Bosco Tenso – Premosello Chiovenda, lower Ossola
  • Cascina La Presacia – Santa Maria Maggiore, Vigezzo Valley
  • Club Ippico Lo Sperone – Santa Maria Maggiore, Vigezzo Valley