The Monumental Church is the symbol of Baceno and of the great artistic wealth of these valleys. Absolutely worth visiting, but only as a starting point…

The history of Baceno dates back centuries, beginning in the 3rd millennium BC, a long series of changes, trading relations and profitable exchanges, since it is located where several valleys converge and, therefore where various populations met. It is a history also marked by the spread of the plague and dark pages of the witch trials in Croveo, a hamlet of Baceno, which now commemorates this period of its history with an event that attracts many visitors.

In some parts of this town at the centre of the Antigorio Valley, the traditional mountain architecture has remained unchanged, with wooden elements and typical sloping granite-tiled roofs, but the Church of San Gaudenzio is certainly the symbol of Baceno that contains all its appeal. The Monumental Church of San Gaudenzio stands on a rocky spur and is recognised as one of the most important and fascinating religious symbols in the whole of Northern Piedmont.

The Monumental Church of San Gaudenzio – now lit up at night by recently installed spotlights that further enhance its architectural details – also offers an ideal starting point for a walk to another gem of this Ossola valley, the Orridi di Uriezzo (the Ravines of Uriezzo), a uniquely beautiful natural sight.

Other attractions worth mentioning include the Parish Church in Croveo, hamlet of Baceno, and – again in Croveo – the Treno dei Bimbi (Children’s Train) Village, thought up by Father Michelangelo Falcioni, a Capuchin Friar, and inaugurated in 1966.

One of the most important events, the “MeleMiele” Fête in the autumn is not to be missed in that it celebrates the tastes and aromas of this area; indeed the municipality is investing a great deal precisely to promote products grown and made locally, by local producers, animal breeders and growers, inspired by great enthusiasm and skill.

Lastly, Baceno is the gateway to some of the best-loved and most frequently visited environmental attractions of the whole Val d’Ossola, the Alpe Devero Natural Park and the Formazza Valley, which, together with the Premia spa centre, can be easily reached from the centre of Baceno.

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