Small villages

There are dozens of them, dotted about every valley in the Ossola area and the perfumes and traditions of long ago are preserved amongst their stone houses and their typical narrow streets: they are the small villages of the Ossola Valley.

After visiting the main towns, a tour of this part of the Piedmont Alps cannot but continue along the historical roads that connect precisely the smaller villages, from the Lower Ossola on the steepest slopes of the Ossola mountains.

Ornavasso, Antrona, Borgomezzavalle, Druogno, Villette, Re, Crodo, Premia, Riale, Varzo… but the list could go on forever, because every corner of Ossola Valley in reality offers tiny villages to be visited even only for a few minutes, to step back into history, art and mountain traditions.

You will thus discover traces of the Walsers of Lower Ossola, a special mirror able to bring sunlight to Valle Antrona, a Sanctuary with miraculous origins, and more: healing waters that gush hot from the heart of the mountains, rural memories in small museums and places of material culture. It will be an unexpected journey full of surprises, able to amaze you step after step.

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