The trekking routes marked by VisitOssola with the valuable collaboration of the East Monte Rosa Sections of the Italian Alpine Club allow you to discover the scenic beauty and unique features of the Ossola Valleys. Each suggested hiking route presents information about the route, its cultural and natural excellence and accommodation.

Marking, maintaining and making people aware of these routes is part of a project by the Italian Alpine Club. The routes marked can also be undertaken for educational purposes, to bring young people closer to nature, history and local traditions, creating a harmonious relationship between man and environment.

Ossola Valley includes some important protected areas: the Val Grande National Park, the Protected Areas of Alpe Veglia, Devero and the Alta Valle Antrona, the Sacred Mount Calvary of Domodossola, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the WWF Oasis of Pian dei Sali and Bosco Tenso, the Monte Rosa Wildlife Oasis and some SPA (Special Protection Areas).

But the Ossola Valley is also rich in important historical and artistic testimonies: archaeological traces, historical archives, art collections, religious buildings, well-preserved rural nuclei, clear examples of Alpine architecture, testimonies of material culture, and ancient communication routes that run from the bottom of the valley to the extreme mountain slopes.

These routes will allow you to get in touch with this wonderful land, discovering little-known corners of extraordinary beauty.

Each route, on the basis of the different points of interest along the way, has been assigned a predominant value and, to distinguish between them, they are combined with easily recognisable graphic symbols:

  • Route with predominant historic, artistic and cultural value
  • Route with a predominant value of traditional and peasant life (ovens, presses, mills and mallets)
  • Route with predominant natural value

Each route has:

  • An identification code (e.g. IA05) that gives you further information on the website in the routes section.
  • Information on options for using public transport.
  • The option to download the kmz track to see the route on Google Earth
  • The option to download the gpx file indicating the points of interest for a safe excursion.
  • A map to consult the route and the height profile.

The choice of individual route can be made on the basis of time of travel and ascent/descent.

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