Trail running

Ossola – land of trails. Ossola Valley is the perfect place to practise an exciting and growing discipline such as trail running. Its mountains and its well-tended and well-marked paths allow you to cover more than 500 km (311 miles) and more than 20,000 m (65,617 ft) D+ of tried and tested tracks along compelling trails and in sky marathons of international importance.
More than 5000 athletes and mountain lovers compete in this sport every year among the numerous paths of the Ossola Valley. Breathtaking views are combined with trails designed to ensure varying degrees of difficulty, allowing just about anyone to have a go at trail running.
Running along the ancient mountain roads of Ossola, you’ll find evidence of a distant past, of the valley traditions of those who inhabited and cultivated these mountains for centuries.
The trails are accompanied by beautiful expanses of pasture land, the turquoise waters of numerous alpine lakes, in a continuous alternation of dense forests, imposing glaciers and rocky peaks.

The routes shown on this site can be followed independently, using the directions contained in the websites indicated. Each of the routes also plays host to a race in the VCO Top Race circuit, which brings together all the trail running competitions in this part of Piedmont. – Mergozzo, Lower Ossola – Ornavasso, Lower Ossola – Trasquera, Divedro Valley (Gran Bucc Race) – Anzasca Valley – Formazza Valley – Antrona Valley – Bognanco Valley – San Domenico di Varzo, Divedro Valley (Rampigada) – Domodossola, Ossola Valley – Vigezzo Valley