Moments for two

Would you like to wake up at dawn opposite the majestic east face of Monte Rosa? Or pamper yourself at the modern spas in the Val d’Ossola or in one of the wellness centres framed by the Alpine peaks? Ossola Valley always offers new adventures for couples: unforgettable experiences at a high-altitude refuge, where you can enjoy the warmth of genuine hospitality, a fireplace that smells of fir trees, an invigorating herbal tea and an authentic gentian liqueur or génépy, all strictly zero-mile products.

Couples can enjoy a romantic holiday at any time of year: the Vigezzina-Centovalli railway, one of the most scenic lines in Italy, offers a very special trip on board the “Treno del Foliage” (Foliage Train) in the autumn or through the snowy peaks during the white winter season.

In Ossola Valley, couples can experience a landscape framed by high-altitude fireworks, by a romantic spring sunset (that you can admire sipping a special aperitif aboard an electric boat on Lake Mergozzo) and by exclusive concerts in the marble quarries. Couples can also enjoy delicious gourmet flavours in elegant restaurants and traditional inns. Finally, you can admire shooting stars over the mountain peaks on a midsummer night, a truly breathtaking experience.

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