Ossola food festivals

Autumn is not the only festival season: in the valleys of the Ossola, events devoted to flavour and local products get underway as early as late spring!
They are all part of the “Sagre Ossola”, the main food festivals that satisfy even the most demanding palates.
These festivals showcase the strengths, ideas and peculiarities of the land and its people, who, with their different products, are united by the same goal and shared sentiment: to promote and protect the gastronomic traditions of the Ossola.
Sagre Ossola offers a packed calendar of events from June to November. Cherries, blueberries, grapes, apples, mushrooms, potatoes, rye, polenta, cheese, snails, honey and beer are the products waiting to be discovered on a journey defined by its unmistakable flavours and aromas.
The Ossola Valley is a land rich in good, healthy, authentic products. A land of people who cultivate, produce, create and protect their small-scale production, characterized by passion and sacrifices.
This is why you should discover the Ossola Valley through its festivals: it is an authentic, delicious journey that will truly delight you!

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