Autumn food and wine

Autumn is the season when the woods of the Ossola Valley generously produce their most tasty fruit and it is also the time of year when, thanks to producers’ hard work during spring and summer and to the many Ossola food festivals, visitors can enjoy the delights of the food and wine produced in this strip of Piedmont!
Autumn is grape harvest season: once again, native, prized vines along the ancient, wonderful stone terraces in the Ossola hills produce wines that are increasingly appreciated.
Autumn is cheese season: at the start of autumn, toma, grasso d’alpe and other mature gourmand cheeses can thrill the most demanding palates with unparalleled experiences.
Autumn is mushroom season: although it is certainly porcini that reign supreme in the woods of each Ossola valley, there are actually many other mushrooms to look for and enjoy, which are even used in the kitchens of the most respected chefs in Ossola!
Autumn is unexpected fruit season: perhaps not everyone knows that Ossola produces niche fruit and vegetables, which only the most alert buyers manage to acquire, perhaps in small local markets. Apples, potatoes, walnuts, cornmeal, buckwheat, saffron and medicinal herbs: autumn is the season for savouring the fruits of spring planting and blooms.
Autumn in Ossola Valley: the season of unmistakable flavours and fragrances, always linked to unique past traditions and to today’s small production companies: for an autumn shopping cart that is truly zero-mile, choose Ossola and its outstanding food and wine.

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