If your choice is to discover the Ossola Valley and its surroundings at a slower pace to enjoy the sounds and colours of nature, then the best way to do that is unquestionably by bike, a mountain bike or fat bike!

There are kilometres of cycling routes and hiking paths running along the Ciclovia del Toce (Toce cycling route) and a long bike path in the Vigezzo Valley.

The sportiest visitors will certainly be interested in the tougher tracks and bicycle paths in the mountain.

Why not hiring a bike and setting out to discover the Ossola Valley?

VisitOssola provides you with some information about the bicycle hire agencies where you can get the right equipment for your special bicycle journey.

Ciclomania Barale (Bicycle hire) – Domodossola


GVM Shop – Domodossola


Il ciclista (The Cyclist) – Domodossola


Ciclope – Villadossola


Bognanco Tourist Office – Bognanco Valley


Piana di Vigezzo – Vigezzo Valley


Mountain Sport Center, at the Albergo Aalts Dorf – Riale, Formazza Valley


San Domenico Ski – San Domenico di Varzo, Divedro Valley