Antrona Valley

Peaceful, green and all-natural: this is the Antrona Valley, one of the Ossolan valleys least touched by mass tourism and a place that will give you a holiday experience in which unwinding is as easy and natural as can be.

Wild landscapes, places where time seems to have stood still, beautiful alpine lakes where unparalleled natural harmony reigns supreme, characteristic village festivals, good food and genuinely friendly locals.

When talking about this valley it’s impossible not to mention, and visit, the Alta Valle Antrona Natural Park, which together with Veglia-Devero Natural Park is part of the Protected Areas in the Ossola. A portion of protected and intact land that attracts lovers of the purest and wildest mountains.
The Alta Valle Antrona Natural Park offers exceptional natural features, with great diversity in terms of habitats thanks to the presence of species that are rare or unique in the world.

Land of lakes and rivers, of imposing peaks and of unmistakable typical flavours, the Antrona Valley offers a thousand things in every season of the year: trekking, walks, excursions in high mountains, but also alpine and Nordic skiing and ski touring, snow shoeing and skating. Of the many curiosities in this part of the world, the Viganella mirror (now part of the Municipality of Borgomezzavalle) particularly “shines”. It is a surprising and innovative work of engineering that has literally “brought the sun” (and international TV crews) to this small Ossolan village.

Isolated, lonely, raw and wild: these are the adjectives alpine literature has always ascribed to the Antrona Valley. It’s true to say that this valley has preserved a natural environment in which the signs of human presence are still modest more than any other among the Ossola Valley mountains.

The Antrona Valley should be explored slowly, taking advantage of the small hospitality facilities in the area, to get to know the most authentic traditions of this strip of Ossola Valley.

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