If the classic viewpoints don’t satisfy your need to discover the Ossola Valley, then the time has come to take flight!
In the Ossolan valleys there are many gliding spots that are perfect for an adrenaline-filled paragliding or hang-gliding experience. From Vigezzo Valley to Anzasca Valley, an afternoon spent gliding in the gorgeous Ossola Valley mountains will give you endless enjoyment.

If you’re not an expert glider, that’s not a problem: you can rely on clubs, schools or professionals that will allow you to have a completely safe and unforgettable experience, even if it’s your first time in the air.

The dream of flying is an ancient one that today combines technology and natural beauty, together with a pinch of adventure. Experience the thrill in Ossola Valley, which with its take-off points is considered one of the best gliding areas in the Alps.
Below you’ll find the best times, the contact details of schools or associations operating in Ossola Valley and the most fascinating spots in the region.

All that’s left to do is hold your breath and let yourself be cradled by the air of the Ossola Valley! Have a good flight…!

The standard sites, which are the classics and most popular spots in Ossola Valley are the Vigezzo Valley, Moncucco (Alpe Lusentino – Domodossola) and Macugnaga.
The gliding take-off points in the Vigezzo Valley and Macugnaga in the Anzasca Valley have the great advantage of being served by the chairlifts, open all year round.

Macugnaga is a fantastic place for paragliding, thanks to its unparalleled landscapes, but the take-off point from Monte Moro – with its two funicular railways – is very high up and absolutely stunning. It can only be enjoyed in the ski season, on the very few days on which the wind is not too strong. The take-off points that can be used in summer are lower down and can be reached by a relatively short walk.

Moncucco, on the Alpe Lusentino in Domodossola, is the perfect place especially for gliding training activities. It is limited by the wind in the valley, which in the hot season gets very strong from late morning and doesn’t allow gliders to safely land on the plain below.

The Vigezzo Valley is without doubt one of the best sites in the Western Alps for paragliding and hang-gliding. It’s perfect in every season of the year and is well served by ski lifts, thanks to the modern and fast Piana di Vigezzo gondola lift. What’s more, the Vigezzo Valley axis extends from east to west and is therefore well placed in relation to the sun. This often guarantees generous conditions for ascent, even at times of year when it’s more difficult to glide elsewhere.

Apart from the “musts” we’ve already told you about, in Ossola Valley you can take off from practically every mountain in the area, considering the success in recent years of the discipline Hike & Fly. Through the use of special lightweight and space-saving equipment, gliders can ascend via more or less challenging walks (from hiking to mountaineering), without using any means of motorised transport and once at the top… take flight!

Paragliding or hang-gliding in Ossola Valley is an experience suitable for any season of the year. From the point of view of take-off, it can be limited by snowfall: if there’s snow, whether there’s a lot or not, you can only take off in ski resorts that allow the use of part of the slopes for gliding (Cima Trubbio in the Vigezzo Valley – Piana di Vigezzo and Monte Moro lifts in Macugnaga – Macugnaga-Monte Rosa lifts).

Gliding in the warmer seasons allows you to take advantage of better and more generous conditions of ascent, while in the cold seasons you’re more likely to get a nice smooth glide. Be careful, particularly in spring, of wind conditions in the valleys. You should assess them carefully as they can be risky if you’re not sufficiently experienced.

The only gliding school in Ossola Valley is NorthWestParagliding A.S.D. If you’re not an expert pilot, but you’d still like to have an unforgettable experience, the NorthWestParagliding School can help you to enjoy a truly unique tandem gliding experience! The expert school’s pilots guarantee the utmost safety for your tandem gliding experience.

In the Ossola Valley, one of the associations constituted in line with the regulations in force for non-professional sports is the Club Volo Libero VCO, which welcomes gliders from across the Verbano, Cusio and Ossola region.
There are also three clubs in Ossola Valley that manage the following gliding points:

  • Vigezzo Valley: Barbagianni – Ali Libere Valle Vigezzo;
  • Alpe Lusentino-Moncucco (Domodossola): Volo Libero Geo Chavez;
  • Macugnaga, Anzasca Valley: Delta Club Monterosa.