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Natural and national parks, WWF sites, historic streets, nature trails, flora and fauna testify to biodiversity that is truly unique: this list alone demonstrates the richness of the Ossola Valley, where Mother Nature, in her many different aspects, always triumphs, safeguarded and enhanced by protected areas that are still barely impacted by mass tourism.

The unique, highly varied landscape of the Ossola Valley has been masterfully immortalized by painters from Vigezzo, shaped by spectacular hydroelectric dams and moulded by high-quality marble quarries.

Lower Ossola is so close to the Maggiore, Orta and Mergozzo lakes that it seems a connecting land between water and mountains.

The Domodossola plain, framed by the “seven sisters”, the seven Ossola valleys, is dotted with small rural communities that gravitate around the Borgo della Cultura.

The Bognanco Valley, a valley of one hundred waterfalls, which is narrow and rugged in its initial part, becomes large and wonderfully airy at a higher altitude.

Anzasca Valley, home to the charming village of Macugnaga, is the land of the Walser and a natural paradise at the foot of the east face of Monte Rosa.

Antrona is a 100% natural valley with a small village illuminated by a mirror, an unspoiled landscape, dams and… acrobatic steinbocks.

Vigezzo Valley is a land of painters, chimney sweeps and perfumers, crossed by the small Vigezzina-Centovalli Alpine railway.

Antigorio Valley, a gateway to the north, is heated by healing thermal water and is steeped in ancient tradition.

The landscapes of Formazza Valley, a Walser colony with centuries of history, are breathtakingly beautiful and unique.

Divedro Valley, on the border with Switzerland, is a paradise for winter sports lovers and a land of authentic traditions.

On this journey to discovery a landscape framed by the beautiful nature of the Ossola Valley, you will be able to enjoy thrilling new experiences.

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