Toce Cycle Track: cycling among villages
Spring / Summer / Autumn

Cycling among villages is a beautiful route that starts from Domodossola, Borgo della Cultura, where you can admire its beautiful old town, and goes to Vogogna, ancient capital of Lower Ossola, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and an Orange Flag destination according to the Italian Touring Club.

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The cycle route starts from Domodossola FS International Railway Station in Piazza Matteotti. From here, go down Via Bonomelli and at the intersection turn right towards the railway underpass and follow Via Mizzoccola, crossing straight over the small roundabout. Just before the Mizzoccola bridge over the Toce River, turn right onto the cycle path and follow it in a southerly direction. Pass Villadossola sports ground and you get to a small bridge over the canal. Turn left after the bridge and shortly afterwards skirt the entrance of the “Collina dello Sport” until you reach the Villadossola exit of the Ossola highway. Cross the special pedestrian crossings and continue until you cross the Ovesca stream using the cycle lane on the new road bridge. From the bridge, descend until you get to the roundabout, turn left and continue along the dirt track that turns back on itself briefly. Across the field in front of the Ossola highway service area, you’ll again come to the bike path that continues to the Pallanzeno sports field. From here, continue along the canal on the left to a narrow bridge that crosses over it. Turn left onto the paved road, cross the tracks and you’ll come to the provincial road, which you should cross with care. The route continues on a short stretch of dirt road and then takes a paved road/bike path that runs alongside the railway, crossing a portion of the village of Piedimulera until you arrive at the busy road that runs along the Anza stream descending from Macugnaga. Turn right and continue straight on until you get to the bridge over the Anza stream. After the bridge, turn left along the stream. After passing under the railway, take the uneven dirt track on the left that partially runs alongside the river and takes you to a hydroelectric plant, from which a straight paved road begins.
Following the signposts, you’ll get to the train station in Pieve Vergonte and then the bridge to the village of Vogogna. Having crossed the bridge, take the next left and continue along Via Resiga until you get to the sports field. Turn left here, taking the railway underpass and continue until you meet the provincial road. Cross the special cycle/pedestrian path, continuing through the characteristic cobbled streets that lead directly to the splendid historic centre of Vogogna. The route ends at Palazzo Pretorio, at the foot of Visconti Castle, which is well worth a visit.

Useful info

Starting point

Domodossola, FS International Railway Station (270 m/890 ft)


Domodossola, Villadossola, Pallanzeno, Piedimulera, Pieve Vergonte, bridge over the Toce River, Vogogna


70 m (230 ft)

Maximum height reached

270 metres (890 ft) above sea level (Domodossola)


25.8 km (16 miles), 8.8 km (5 1/2 miles) of cycle paths, 6.9 km (4 1/4 miles) of dirt tracks, 9.2 km (5 3/4 miles) of secondary paved roads and 0.9 km (1/2 mile) of main paved roads.



Best time of the year

All year round


Ossola Plain


The route is signposted by brown metal arrows, showing individual goals and also the number of kilometres completed.

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