Toce Cycle Track: cycling among waterways
Spring / Summer / Autumn

Cycling among waterways is a circular route starting from Domodossola and running entirely along the airy plain between Domodossola, Crevoladossola, Montecrestese, Masera and Trontano. Its name is clearly linked to the five rivers along the route: Toce, Bogna, Diveria, Isorno and Melezzo.
The ideal starting point is the large Vigezzina-Centovalli railway car park on Via Piave, behind Domodossola FS International Railway Station.

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Take Via Piave in a southerly direction as far as the small roundabout and turn left onto Via Mizzoccola. Before the bridge, on the left, at the Vigezzina-Centovalli railway underpass, the path starts in a northerly direction along the embankment of the Toce River, alternating stretches of cycle path and dirt track up to the bridge over the Bogna River. Cross the bridge using the cycle lane at the side and follow the tracks in the Crevoladossola area until you reach the industrial area. The bike path continues along the Oasi di Preglia (where there is a pleasant picnic area surrounded by greenery) to the kart centre. Turn left here along a small paved road that goes alongside a canal until it meets the provincial road. Turn immediately right into the cycle/pedestrian lane available as far as the bridge over the Diveria stream, then follow the road, paying attention to traffic, as far as the roundabout. Turn right and cross the road bridge downstream of Lake Tana over the Toce River. Turn right towards the sports ground and follow the Toce River along a pleasant dirt road that passes under the Ossola highway and continues as an off-road cycle path along the Isorno stream until you reach the hamlet of Pontetto di Montecrestese.
Cross the stream on the road bridge and enter the territory of Masera. Take the first right along a paved path that runs alongside the river. At the fork you can turn left (paved road that crosses the fields) or right (dirt road that then skirts the Ossola highway). The two roads join and then flank the Melezzo River, which descends from the Vigezzo Valley.
On reaching Masera church, cross the stream on the cycle and pedestrian path and at the roundabout turn right, following the main road leading to the off-ramp of the Ossola highway. The road is wide, but there’s a lot of traffic, so be very careful here. After 500 metres (1/3 of a mile), take a winding dirt track on the right. A little further on, there are two options you can take:
– Continue straight on for about 1.9 km (just over a mile) using the track on top of the embankment. At the end, the track turns into a small path that descends and passes underneath the Vigezzina-Centovalli railway bridge, returning to the road for Domodossola at the Mizzoccola bridge.
– Take the dirt track on the left that goes alongside the off-ramp of the Ossola highway, pass under the Ossola highway and reach the industrial area. A short stretch of cycle path leads to Via della Colonia. Turn right and then, at the first crossroads, left until you reach the traffic lights on the provincial road. Turn right again and, following the road very carefully, you reach the Mizzoccola bridge.
From the Mizzoccola bridge, continue on the road until you get to the small roundabout at the entrance to Domodossola. On the right you can return to your starting point and straight ahead you get to the historic centre and Piazza Matteotti, where you’ll find Domodossola FS International Railway Station.

Useful info

Starting point

Domodossola (270 m/890 ft), Vigezzina-Centovalli railway car park on Via Piave, behind the FS International Railway Station in Piazza Matteotti


Domodossola, Crevoladossola, Pontetto di Montecrestese, Masera, Croppo di Trontano, Ponte della Mizzoccola, Domodossola


65 m (215 ft)

Maximum height reached

337 metres (1100 ft) above sea level (Pontetto di Montecrestese)


18 km (11 1/4 miles), 2.4 km (1 1/2 miles) of cycle paths, 7.1 km (4 1/2 miles) of dirt tracks, 3.7 km (2 1/4 miles) of secondary paved roads and 4.8 km (3 miles) of main paved roads.



Best time of the year

All year round


Ossola Plain


The route is signposted with blue arrows and must be completed clockwise.
Only suitable for mountain bikes or hybrid bikes as it includes some dirt tracks.
Be careful during main road sections, particularly in Crevoladossola and Masera.

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